Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Halloween!

Last weekend, at our VPA meeting, I beaded around this big chunk of amber (including bugs!) so I could wear it as a pendant. While getting dressed this morning, as Yoda from StarWars, I decided that this piece would be perfect for a Jedi Knight to wear! It's about 3 inches long and 1 1/2 inches across. I don't know if there are ants or termites residing in it. Since this became a piece of my Halloween costume, I've named it the "Jedi Stone" keeper of mystical powers.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October VPA Meeting

Last weekend, our group met at Creative Castle for our quarterly weekend meeting. After updating each other with projects we have been working on, or just what is going on with our lives, we got to down to business of beading and talking about what is to come in the future. We discussed our calendar of VPA and Beading without a Meeting dates for next year, future shows, travels, teaching, and of course, our weekend with our mentor, NanC Meinhardt, in January. It will be good to see NanC again. It will be the "kick in the @$T%$#%" that some of us need (me) to get going again on a show quality piece, rather than playing with or shopping for, beads. In November, we will have our Beading without a Meeting at Tracy's, then we'll have a VPA meeting in December to celebrate the holidays, plan for NanC's arrival, bead, and have fun.

Continuing after our Master Class commitment, this group has been a dream come true, for like-minded artists to meet monthly, as schedules permit, or at the quarterly meetings to get the camaraderie and the inspiration to create new art from those who were at one time strangers and our now dear friends.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Weekend at Jan's

Having some of the Vista Point Artists at my home a couple of weeks ago inspired me to get back to my next art project which I think I will call either "The Language of Hands" or "The Hands Talk to You". Yes, you can vote on which title you like best. I plan on doing either 5 or 7, depending on my ambition level. Had to get back to making jewelry for my Montana gallery and some orders in the meantime, but I WILL get them done! I really hope those of you who haven't been to Prescott yet will be able to come in 2010 as well as all of you who have been. Yikes! End of that decade!
Jan Anderson

Wonderful Weekend in Prescott!

For the month of Sept. the Vista Point Artists took their beading on a little road trip to Arizona! The Sept. Beading Without a Meeting was held at Jan's house in Prescott. Jan's house in Prescott must be a great place to make art come alive. I have still haven't been, but after seeing the photos in Rowena's Blog I really want to be there next year! So check it out and see all the New Work everyones creating!

Dreams do Come True!

Well its been a busy year for all the Vista Point Artists. Liz Smith has the #1 download from Beading Daily!

Susan Marsh had her piece accepted at this years Dairy Barn Competition!

"I Can't Hide My Lust for You"

Jan Anderson entered the Washington DC Bead Museum Competition and got 2nd place in the Seed Bead Catagory!

"Time is a Perception"

Melanie Schow also entered the Washington DC Competition and almost made it to the final round.
Good work everyone keep those creative hands moving!