Wednesday, February 18, 2009

There's Just Too Much Going On!

(My feet, pool side in Mexico; I'm photophobic, so this is all you get!)

And will it be fun! Now that everything has settled down from our retreat with NanC in January, it's time again for more action. Hopefully, everyone is working on their project that NanC gave us; I haven't. I've been a bed bug since re-injuring my shoulder and having a skin cancer removed from the side of my nose. However, fun is a-coming! Friday, the Tour de California will be in Solvang, 45 minutes north from my house. Vicki and I are going to feast our eyes on all those boys in lycra shorts, including one of my many boy friends, Lance Armstrong! Swoon. Saturday and Sunday will be our quarterly Vista Point Artist Meeting down at Carole's Creative Castle, then Monday those of us who can, are flying off for a beading venture, south of the border, in Mexico. Puerto Vallarta, that is. We're going to meet up with NanC for a week of beading, sun bathing, pool boys, margarita's, eating, laughing, and shopping, of course. Ah, the fun of it all. I can hardly wait for Friday morning to come. I'm planning on finishing my Star Sphere (where have I heard that before) and make a beaded Livestrong bracelet for a friend of my Mom's, whose nephew is coping with cancer. See you all on Saturday!