Friday, December 19, 2008

The "boys" being Jack and Gus do wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (no poodles were harmed for these photos, koolaide and natural hair dyes were used with great caution, as a matter of fact, they loved the attention they got!).

Merry, Merry Everyone!

I'm off on my mandatory furlough, away from my computer and the daily drag of getting up and out of the house. Yippee! I get to sleep in! I'll sign on with further beading adventures after the New Year. I plan on watching the ball in New York fall on CNN this year. They show it at 9:00 Pacific Time, so I can go to bed and have sweet dreams and not have to stay up until midnight. The "boys?" wish you a happy new year also. Bye!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm working on getting the hang of blogging. Humm, weight train or do blogging??

On the Second Weekend in December ..........

..........was our quarterly VPA meeting. We caught up with each others lives, had a fun bead exchange, did a wee bit of business, ate, beaded, and yakked. Plans were made for our retreat with NanC, which we are all looking forward to, and set our meeting schedule for 2009. I can't believe that the end of another year is nearly here and we're planning events into 2010! It seems like it was just turning 2000, when all the millennium bugs were to take over all our computers! The new year holds many new and exciting adventures for each of us; I know mine does.
So from the Baby (up in the corner) and me, Merry Merry!

Monday, December 8, 2008

First Weekend in December was Beader Heaven

Bright and early, Saturday morning, Vicki and I headed down to SCIART to set up for a holiday sale. Liz, Melanie, and Jo Ellen were there, and they let us join their "circle" in one of the main galleries. Everyone displayed their jewelry that was for sale, plus Melanie brought some of her hand-spun yarn. We had a great time creating havoc in the center of the room. Other artisans kept coming over to join in our merry making. Thank heaven Jo Ellen, Liz, and Melanie remembered that we needed to bring food, and they shared theirs with Vik and me at lunchtime or we would have absolutely starved to death. Vik made her very first sale. L, M, and JE also did very well. I just went to be a disruptive influence on them. By the time it was over, we were dead tired and slept quite late the next morning.

Sunday, Vik, Jo Ellen, and I went to Carole's "Creative Castle" for a class given by Janna. It was a bezeled huge rivoli with an absolutely beautiful beaded chain made from Charlotte's. The name of the piece is Chain my Heart. Corinne and Carole were working, however they managed to bop in occasionally to see our progress or we went out in the shop to spend and bug them. We signed up for a few more classes also. The whole weekend was a blast, fooling around with the other members in our group.

Don't forget this coming weekend is our VPA meeting at Carole's. It's our annual holiday party, bead/wire/art item exchange, eat-a-thon, talk-a-thon, and minimal "quiet" beading. See you all then!