Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Challenge Has Been Issued

At our quarterly VPA meeting, we spent one afternoon talking about having another show sometime within the next year and a theme. This is what we came up with:

1) The call for art will go out to all VPA members , including beading buddies who have a close connection to us
2) The artist who wishes to participate need NOT to come to our meetings, but can, if they chose
3) The "theme" of our projects will be "Fairy Tales, Legends, and Myths"
4) Does this project fit into your "body of work"? It may, but it doesn't take the place of creating on your "body of work".
5) Where will the show be? If a gallery is not available, it may be an "on-line" show
6) Document your work, by taking pictures as you go along, write a sentence or two, post to the VPA blog or your own, or if none of these suggestions work for you, bring your work to a VPA or BWAM gathering and someone will photograph and write a snippet for you
7) Timeline: there will be another discussion at the August meeting, however, at this meeting come with an idea or a beginning of a project; most likely into 2010
8) There may also be a collaborative project for the show. Not a "round robin", however, imagine a fruit bowl. One person does a banana and another does a kiwi.
9) There the only charge for this is the time spent and the cost of your materials
10) We're moving toward our goal of another show. Any ideas for a location?

So, put your thinking caps on, and come up with an idea or two. Maybe three?

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Corinne Loomer said...

Great posting job Pam!